Yet Even More Backstage News & Notes From RAW Last Night

Source: PWInsider

The Steve Austin-McMahon segment at RAW ran way over it's scheduled length which is why WWE had to ask USA for more time and also cut back on segments including the Hulk Hogan interview.


The general feeling backstage at RAW last night was that the show was a major success. Some within the company feel the show should do a very high rating and many believe just the move back to USA will help out.

Several members of WWE management and the production crew were following the UFC show very closely last night. There was a feeling of a Monday Night War of sorts with the guys huddling around a TV monitor.

There was talk backstage at RAW of doing a big match at Survivor Series, possibly featuring Team Long vs. Team Bischoff or even a match between Long and Bischoff . This was done for a reason and from what we've been told, RAW stars will be at SmackDown! this week.