Austin-WWE, Original Plans, RAW Backstage Issues, More

The reason for so many SmackDown! guys being on the card for tonight's Taboo Tuesday is obviously to help push the combined Survivor Series PPV later this month. The Taboo Tuesday PPV is a tough one to sell so by adding some stars from both brands the hope is for a stronger buyrate. This is actually a situation similar to what WWE did with the ECW PPV by adding several RAW guys. This will also help set some early seeds for Survivor Series.

Original plans called for Steve Austin to be a part of RAW on last night. There was some panic over the weekend when Austin informed WWE that he wouldn't be going through with the storyline. Major changes were made to RAW on Sunday and Monday during the morning hours.

Mark Henry was originally scheduled to do a run-in tonight during the Steve Austin vs. Coach match. Obviously plans have changed now and there is no word on if Henry will still be a part of Coach's new stable.