Backstage News & Notes From RAW Last Night


The returns of Goldust and Vader were the work of Dusty Rhodes. Rhodes' son shouldn't come as a surprise to many as that has been in the works ever since he came to WWE.

There was a lot of talk backstage about Christian's decision to leave WWE. Some agree while others disagree. We'll keep you posted on how things stand.


It became clear to everyone backstage at RAW last night that there was never a plan to bring Jim Ross back. When JR was first 'fired', there was hope that he would be back and that it was just a storyline. As time passed and WWE mocked his colon surgery, many felt even stronger that Ross would be back. Obviously this wasn't the case and Austin feels the same way as many fans do about the entire deal. Mick Foley is also said to be not fond of the angle but is just going with the flow.