Backstage RAW News: New Taboo Tuesday Match, Torrie, Loads More

There is no word on the status of Torrie Wilson right now although her removal from RAW and Taboo Tuesday sounds a little fishy. They removed her bio just before RAW and then put it back up. We hope to have an update soon.

Advertisement ran their Unlimited program again last night. They showed footage of The Coach with his cooler of beer dressed like Austin before the show as well as clips of Teddy Long and the SmackDown! crew after their segment, and a segment with Todd Grishum dressed up and imitating Harry Carry. That was something else. They also showed The Coach cutting a promo bashing Anaheim before he called out Austin, and various other promo's.

On WWE Unlimited, after the Conway-Eugene segment, Eric Bischoff did a promo with Maria (who is an angel), saying that the Handicapped match between Legend/Eugene vs. Conway is now a Tag Match of Legend/Eugene vs. Conway/Tomko.

WWE had to make major changes at RAW due to the issues with Austin. As noted earlier, Austin is very frustrated that he wasn't told he would be jobbing to The Coach before the storyline started. More on this later.