Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter (

– Kevin Dunn has replaced Thomas Barecca in the talks to purchase the World Class video library. At this time, still no money offer has been made.

– Ene Watts (the ex-wife of Bill Watts) is asking twice what WWE has offered for the Mid-South library.

– Tajiri has resigned a new three year contract with WWE.

– Pat Patterson is back on a part-time basis. He has been working the recent pay-per-view shows.

– When she is not on the road, Christy Hemme is ring training at UPW.

– It was Vince McMahon’s idea to rename the Tolands Chad and James Dick.

– Mike Knox is considered Deep South’s top prospect. Knox previously dated Melina, and helped her get her start.

– The Freakin Deacon’s call up has been delayed by Kane’s injury.

– There are reports within TNA and on that Christian is not the major acquisition that TNA has been talking about. These are only rumors at this point in time.