Big Evening Update: Sharmell's New Gimmick, Kerwin White, Lots More

Sharmell seems to be currently undergoing a slight gimmick change as she'll have some sort of snobby princess/homecoming queen gimmick. On the recent international tour, she's been going all out with her wardrobe as she's wearing a crown, not to mention several different prom-style dresses. She's also wearing long opera gloves as well. Her gimmick looks to be similar to Debra McMichael's "Queen Of WCW" gimmick. Sharmell was crowned Miss Black America in 1991 at the age of 20, so perhaps that was the inspiration for the gimmick.

John Cena will be appearing on MADtv this Saturday. He will be appearing in a skit with Bobby Lee. has a short video of his appearance.

Despite the end of the Kerwin White character, Kerwin's former caddy Nick Nemeth will still remain on television. Nick Nemeth is now out on his own as a singles wrestler on the Raw brand. He won a squash match prior to Raw today which should be airing on Heat this week.

Many of the wrestlers are 100% behind the new drug poloicy. Everyone is basically taking a wait and see approach to see how serious they are. It's very interesting to note that WWE announced Eugene's problems publicly. It's really nice to see WWE keeping their fans informed of insider news, something they have not done before.

WWE announced on their website today, and posted video of the appearance, that John Cena will have this Saturday night on FOX's MADTV. (Adam Lebow)

The Eddie Guerrero autobiography is slated for an April 2006 paperback release.

Today's edition of the Miami Herald has a LENGTHY interview with Bret Hart, written by SCOTT FISHMAN. The article covers a lot, from the content on the DVD to why he did the DVD, which was because he ran into a young fan of his who said he never got to see Bret wrestle except on video tape from the end of his carrer. Additionally, the article gives a retrospective of Brets carrer from Stampede to WCW, including notes on the Lyod's of London settlement, his view on todays product and the death of Eddie Guerrero.