Big Late Sunday Update: SmackDown Matches, ROH's Money, Bret, Torrie, More

According to a report in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the Ring of Honor promotion is financially self-sufficient thanks to strong DVD and merchandise sales, which would be the first time this has happened in ROH history.

The scheduled one hour SmackDown special this Tuesday, November 29 on UPN will be airing live from the site of the Friday Night SmackDown tapings in Cincinnati, Ohio. The only match announced so far includes Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio in a match dedicated to Eddie Guerrero. UPDATE: Chris Benoit vs. Booker T (best of 7, match 2) will take place on the LIVE SmackDown special on UPN this Tuesday as well.

For those who have brought up the audio error in the WrestleMania 13 Submission Match between Bret Hart and Steve Austin on Hart's new DVD, it is believed the error is that way on all of the DVD releases.

Our good friend Tim Baines of The Ottawa Sun has an article up looking at the new Shawn Michaels book "Heartbreak & Triumph: The Shawn Michaels Story." There are yet again some very interesting quotes pulled from the book said by Michaels about the 1997 Survivor Series situation. Michaels also adds the following about Bret Hart: "I know this is going to sound offensive coming from me, but Bret was not a great wrestler. He was good, very, very good...but not great. He wasn't that versatile in the ring. The things he did, he did well, but he didn't do a lot of exciting stuff." Baines does note that if you can get past the Bret Hart bashing, it turns out to be a pretty good read. has posted a short video of Bret Hart at an autograph signing for his DVD at an FYE store. The video shows Bret in the background signing autographs while fans talk about meeting him and so forth. What's interesting is that they don't interview Bret for the video as WWE usually gets a few words from the featured person at an autograph signing.

Ravex sent this in about Torrie Wilson's autograph signing yesterday.... I went to the auto show in Vegas, I saw Torrie there and she signed some autographs,she said that she PROBABLY will appear on tv this Monday. Torrie also made an appearance at an autoshow in Tampa Bay on Friday.