Big Morning Update: HBK, ECW, New Talent, Kip James, More News

- Jesse Ventura's commentary appears as originally presented during the first six Wrestlemania events included in the new WWE Wrestlemania Anthology box set.

- HBK's autobiography is slated for a 11/22 release. Eddy Guerrero's autobiography will hit book stores on 12/20.

- Speaking of books, WWE will be releasing a paperback by Brian Solomon titled, "WWE Legends: The Every Fan's Guide To The Legends of The Ring" in February 2006.

- Top sellers for the ECW One Night Stand action figures for pre-orders thus far are Tommy Dreamer and Tazz.

- The Tolands (John Toland and Chad Wicks) are now known as James and Chad Dick on Smackdown.

- ECW founder Tod Gordon is launching a new promotion in Philadelphia called Xtreme Fight Club with Sandman, Gary Wolf, The BackSeat Boyz, among others.

- TNA's Kip James (Billy Gunn) has a new website up at