Big TNA Update: Hardy, Shannon Moore, Waltman, & More

- Abyss still has a sore leg from the insane spot at TNA s Bound For Glory PPV. Hardy was said to be knocked out and seeing stars for a little while after the spot.

- There are no longer any plans for TNA to bring in Tito Ortiz or Ken Shamrock. Speaking of Ortiz, he recently stated in an interview that he chose watching WWE over UFC's The Ultimate Fighter.

- Shannon Moore is scheduled to start as a heel in TNA soon.

- Konnan recently got some heat on him from management for bashing some of TNA s past booking decisions on a radio show and saying his own angle was stale.

- Sean Waltman has been backstage at every show early and clear headed. He s earned most of his points back and TNA is said to be much more open to using him now.

- There is a new commercial with Monty Brown for one of TNA s sponsors, Morphoplex. It replaced the commercial with Tracy Brooks saying I lost five pounds and I can barely keep my pants on.