Big Update On Bret Hart, His Future With TNA & WWE, More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Scott D Amore and Jeremy Borash from TNA both met up with Bret Hart earlier this month. They talked about Bret coming in for an angle on TV. Bret has expressed many times that he is interested, but isn t really jumping at it too quickly.


Hart is going to stay at his place in Italy for a while, he s leaving in December and it s unknown when he will go back to Canada. He definitely will not be involved in TNA nor WWE during that time.

Hart is in a financial situation right now where he won t have to get in a ring again, but if the right thing comes up, he has expressed interest in TNA. The general feeling on the situation with him and TNA is that it isn t really going anywhere any time soon, but the two are on friendly terms.

Right now it is very unlikely that Hart will be at the next WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony.