Big Update On The Steve Austin-Hulk Hogan Situation

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Things between Austin and WWE seem to have been patched up, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The company is still hoping for the big Hogan vs. Austin for WrestleMania. As you can imagine, booking negotiations between those two would certainly be interesting. When Hogan vs. Michaels was being booked before SummerSlam, we covered the entire booking process of going back and forth where the finish wasn t decided until almost the last minute. Hogan vs. Austin, if it goes through, would be an even more drawn out and complicated process.

Austin is said to be less keen on doing the match than Hogan. One of the reasons that s suspected for this is that Austin feels Hogan has more pull in the company, due to Austin s physical condition and the fact he cannot work often. However with Hogan s physical condition not too well either, many look at it as an equal battle.

Right now it looks like the filming of Austin s movie, The Condemned, would be right around WrestleMania time. This is another factor that makes Austin not want to go through with it, as working on two big projects at once could put the quality of his work at risk.

Austin did suffer a wrenched lower back and an inflamed sciatic nerve when moving furniture, his physical condition right now is unknown.