Chris Jericho & Rey Mysterio Comment On Eddie's Passing

Chris Jericho posted the following on his website: I am devastated by the news of Eddy's passing and I am so sad... I've lost alot of friends over the years but this one hurts the most by far. I had the pleasure of meeting Eddy in Mexico City almost 14 years ago and we've been close ever since (although it didn't start that way!) He is one of my favorite people that I've ever met in the wrestling business, as well one of the greatest performers I've ever seen and had the pleasure to work with. One of my favorite times in my career was when Eddy and I were an underutilized, underpushed, hell, almost non-exisitant tagteam, that were thrown together randomly in WCW. But there was a chemistry there that existed becuase we had mutual respect for each other and we both loved what we were doing. One of my most cherished matches was myself and Eddy vs Chris and Dean in Knoxville, on a benefit show for our dear friend Brian Hildebrand. All four of us started the same way and had the same love and respect for the business, for Brian and for each was a magical night. My best match of 1997 was against Ed at Fall Brawl that year. He was as talented as they come and a true class act. He was also so humble and a true family man and most importantly a warrior for God. He taught me so much about wrestling and about being a man and it is an honor to call him a true brother and friend. I have so many classic Eddy stories that I would love to share, but instead I'm just going to go and cry myself to sleep remembering what an awesome human being Eddy was and will always be... May God bless your family and your soul and may he keep you safe forever putillo falso....I love you my brother... Love your chapete

Rey Mysterio noted the following on his website: I would like to ask everyone to please say a little prayer for Eddie and his family. He has been my true friend, my brother, and one of the best person I have ever known. Although, the last few times you've seen us in the ring together, it seems like we didn't see eye to eye. But once we got backstage, Eddie and I were like brothers. What you saw on TV was entertainment. Eddie was a good man, a loving husband and father. He has always been good to me and my family. My family and I, send our love to his wife Vickie and daughters Shaul, Sherilyn, and Kaylie Marie, and to all of Eddie's family and friends.... We love you!