Chris Jericho Update, Brooke Hogan, Royal Rumble, More


Chris Jericho's last Fozzy concert in their Canadian tour was last night in London, Ontario. There was about 150 people there, the show was promoted locally. There were a lot of Eddie chants at the concert, at one point, it appeared Jericho actually had to tag out and the band needed to fill until he was okay.


WWE Royal Rumble tickets are scheduled to go on sale on December 10th in Miami priced at $250, $90, $75, $40 and $20.

Brooke Hogan will be in the 11/28 National Enquirer with a photo of her in a red gown listed as bad fashion, and also in the 11/28 Star there is a photo of Hulk & Brooke with their dressed up dog under a "Normal" or "Not Normal" listing of stars, obviously were listed as Not Normal.