Christian Comments On Quitting WWE


Just prior to leaving the arena Tuesday night, former Intercontinental Champion Christian offered the following quote to concerning his decision to quit World Wrestling Entertainment.


"Looking for a shoot interview? Looking for the inside scoop? You want to know all about how I walked into Vince s office . . . how we got into a huge argument, slammed the door – stormed out of the company, and maybe one day they ll have a self destruction of Christian DVD that s what you re looking for?

Well, that s not what happened. The actual reason is . . . well it s a lot of personal reasons as to why I made the decision to leave WWE, and actually too many to get into, but I will say this . . . I gave everything I had to the WWE for eight years. I gave everything to the fans. I feel they gave me everything they had. But you know never say never in this business. Hopefully they won t forget about Christian and we ll see what happens in the future."