Cole/Tazz, Backstage News, WWE-USA, DiBiase's Return, More

- As noted last week, Michael Cole and Tazz are said to be paranoid about their positions on SmackDown, after seeing what happened to Jim Ross. Cole had wanted to move to Texas, but WWE nixed the idea.

- WWE's contract with the USA Network for "Raw" is a two year deal, with USA retaining the option for a third year.

- Word is that Ted DiBiase may end up back in front of the camera as a WWE manager, rather than just working backstage as a road agent, perhaps as a manager to his son.

- Stacy Keibler has dyed her hair brown for her upcoming movie "Manhunt in the Caribbean". The reason she has been away from TV recently is due to shooting the movie.

- Stephanie McMahon and Brian Gewetiz are against WWE offering Paul Heyman a new contract. Heyman's current contract expires on 12/31.