Confirmed Matches For SmackDown Taping, ECW & More


Cameron Shepherd sent this item. ... There is a story in today s Guardian here in the UK about Sky Sports being censured by a media watchdog for showing wrestler 'who had been "killed off" after being accused of inciting anti-Muslim sentiment among fans'. It talks about the Muhammad Hassan character wrestling at the Great American Bash and the use of emotive language, masked men in combats and a video package that had music that sounded like the Muslim call to prayer. The story has some factual errors but is close to the truth, unlike what Mr. Mushnick writes. To read the article will require the reader to sign up for the interactive edition (this is free however).


Renn sent this one. ... Some may consider this to be a surprise, but WWE has updated their Power 25, and it does reflect the wrestling that occurred this week. Eddie Guerrero occupies the number 1 slot on the list. Rey Mysterio has jumped up to number 6, his highest position so far. Chris Benoit and Matt Hardy have also made jumps into the top 10. Chavo Guerrero, L.O.D., Nunzio, and Juventud are all on the list as well this week after not being on the list previously. Some interesting comments on the list include JBL (13) where it says that his defeat at the hands of Chavo knocked him out of the top 10 list. And in what could be a cryptically prophetic message, Randy Orton (17) where it says something along the lines of a win over Batista could catapult him way up on the charts.


Former ECW manager Bill Alfonso has put his autographed ECW World TV Replica belt up for sale on Ebay. The belt is signed by Rob Van Dam, Sabu and Fonzie. The winner of the auction will also receive a personal 20 minute phone call from Fonzie.

Two matches have been announced for tonight s WWE SmackDown! taping in Sheffield, England. Batista will be defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Randy Orton. The second match announced for tonight is Booker T defending the U.S. Championship against Chris Benoit. Also expect an appearance from the RAW team as well.