Even More Tasteless Comments, Backstage Mood, More

Some people have been arguing as to whether or not Colin Cowherd's comments on ESPN radio yesterday where tasteless, although, it goes without saying that the following comments made on a Boston radio show earlier this morning were most definitely tasteless as the host(s) made crass comments on not only Eddie Guerrero, but Owen Hart as well. Here is what was said on that radio station. Thanks to PhoenixofZion for tipping this off.... On Denis & Callahan on WEEI out of Boston this morning they mentioned Eddie's death, ragged on him for probably doing steroids, and then said "Well, at least he didn't fall out of the rafters like some of them do...SPLAT!" WEEI 850 AM Sports Radio out of Boston has a phone number you can call at (617)779-3500 if you'd like to voice a complaint. The site also has a e-mail form which you can fill out if you have to something to tell them online. The "contact us" link is below. https://www.weei.com/contactus.asp

The mood backstage in the locker-rooms is still somber. The guys left yesterday and are now in Europe. Several of the guys who stayed behind will be flown out later this week after the funeral.