Footage Of Candice Michelle Backside Slip, Hardy/Ashley News

Footage Of Candice Michelle Backside Slip, Hardy/Ashley News


Finally, a butt worth looking at!

That s what one editor shouted out when Candice s backside was exposed Monday night on RAW. After the other editors working Monday night finally wiped the drool off their chins, the editor was asked what he meant by his comment. He then reminded everybody of all the times sports-entertainment fans were forced to see some rather forgettable ass moments.

After the show that night, the editors spent more time than any red-blooded American male should spend thinking about ass moments that include the likes of Big Show, Mr. McMahon and Goldust. After hours of deliberation, however, the following list was finally agreed upon as the "Most Forgettable Ass Moments in WWE History."

For those interested, Matt Hardy & Ashley were both in studio for Byte This this week and confirmed internet rumors that the two were dating. They are taking a 'wait and see' approach, but are together. We'll post a full interview in the next few days.