Further Updates On Joey Styles, Torrie Wilson & Christian

The word backstage at Taboo Tuesday is that Joey Styles will be announcing tonight as well as on RAW the next few weeks. As noted earlier, tonight is a test to see how Styles does. Some in the company are even saying it was a last minute attempt by WWE to try and garner some internet fans into purchasing the PPV. It'll be interesting to see if Styles sells his website, 1Wrestling.com or if WWE will let him continue operating the site. If they let him go with it, it'll be quite hypocritical considering the recent legal lawsuits filed against fan sites.


In a funny note, even WWE.com thought Torrie Wilson was released until earlier this evening as the webteam removed all Torrie photos from the main site promoting a mobile device as well as her bio last night. This was quickly put back up when WWE realized that she had not been released. WWE management is not happy that she left them high and dry for Monday's RAW and the PPV though. We'll have more on this throughout the week.

As noted last night, WWE had planed to announce Christian leaving WWE after the Taboo Tuesday PPV. The announcement was made Monday morning way earlier than anyone expected. It's almost a case of the WWE webteam trying to break the news faster than anyone else but also screwing up at the same time. Of course with WWE.com you never know if their articles are in work or shoot mode and they usually don't give the full inside story. Of course, you can always get that here!