Heyman/Dreamer Update, New Big Show Theme, Lots More News

-Both Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer were backstage at the Deep South Wrestling TV pilot taping in McDonough, GA this past week. Matt Striker was also backstage but not used. Florida indy promoter/manager Ron Niemi, who has told several that he will be relocating to Georgia to take a position with the company, was in attendance.

-Speaking of the DSW taping, the following took place: Eric Perez defeated Damien Steele, Mac Daddy Johnson defeated Antonio Banks, Mike & Todd Shane defeated Ryan Reeves & Nick Mitchell and Mike Knox won a 21 Man Battle Royal.

-On a side note, former TNA star Trinity's appearance at the Ohio Valley Wrestling TV tapings on Wednesday night was simply a tryout appearance.

-MTV.com has an article up talking about how the rock band Brand New Sin has recorded a new theme song for The Big Show. The article also notes that this track is the first scheduled for the scheduled WWE Forceable Entry 2 CD release that is expected to come out next year.

-WWE recently filed a trademark for the term "Old School" on November 2. It is assumed the term will be used for the WWE 24/7 project.