Inside Update On Christian-WWE-TNA

To follow-up on the Christian signing with TNA, it really came down to several things.

As reported by, when Jay Reso, also known as Christian, debuts for TNA Wrestling, he should be able to continue using the Christian name that he used in WWE. He will not have to rename himself like past WWE superstars (Dudley Boyz, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, etc.) coming to TNA had to do.

The reason for this is he was billed as Christian Cage on the independent circuit early on in his career. At the very worst, WWE will force him to call himself the full Christian Cage name, although that would be somewhat pointless and the good money is he will still be just "Christian." This is very similar to circumstances that surrounded the Honky Tonk Man leaving the World Wrestling Federation years ago and continuing to use that name. The precedent set here was that he was Honky Tonk Wayne in Stampede Wrestling. He was allowed to use the Honky Tonk Man name, then, anywhere he went because he had established the basics of his name and character long before his WWF tenure. It would be the same case with Jay Reso.

Now, some strong reasons a TNA deal appealed to Christian. He has been a close friend of TNA booker and talent Scott D'Amore ever since the two met years ago as independent wrestlers in Canada. Christian also lives in Florida approximately 90 minutes driving time from where the TNA live events take place at Universal Studios. As far as his former WWE contract goes, just to reiterate this point, there is no 90 day non-compete clause to worry about since his contract actually expired. An immediate TNA arrival will occur this Sunday at the PPV.

One last major point to bring up here is also a reason Christian did not resign with WWE. The main reason he didn't sign was because of the lack of a push he was getting despite the fact that he had gotten himself over with the crowd in a major way. However, another big reason is because Christian is currently in negotiations for a significant part (what is being reported as a fifth or sixth lead role) in a major movie to be produced by New Line in February. Christian definitely wants the freedom to take this role. He also reportedly wants some free time where he can study acting and prepare for the role. This would be almost impossible to do while still taking part in a full time WWE schedule. The TNA schedule of usually only taping three (2 Impact tapings and a PPV) days a month could fit him well in this regard.

There had been talks between Christian and TNA before his contract even ran up. He has been upset for months backstage in WWE and had talked to people in TNA about a debut with the company. It's not that TNA 'stole' Christian from WWE. It was just the fact that before Christian left WWE, he knew he was heading to TNA and had a verbal agreement with several TNA staffers.

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