JBL Comments On Eddie's Passing, & Fan Incident Update

In a house show in Champaign that took place a few days before Eddie Guerrero passed away, there were reports that he went after a fan in the third row who had been obnoxious and yelling things all night. It turns out the fan was a plant and it was staged, playing off previous incidents where he lost his temper with disrespectful fans.


This afternoon on MSNBC, JBL discussed Eddie Guerrero s passing during MSNBC News Live. JBL joined the show via satellite saying "The world lost a great man yesterday, and WWE lose one of it's best and most passionate performers". JBL talked about how he main evented for over a year, wrestling with Eddie Guerrero for most of that time, saying "I owe Eddie Guerrero my entire career". JBL ended the segment saying that it was an honor to talk about his friend Eddie.