JBL s Latest Racist Rant, & Backstage News On Warrior DVD

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

- JBL recently went off on another one of his racist rants at a SmackDown brand house show. He told the crowd they were a bunch of fruit pickers , then when they started calling him names he responded I don t speak Mexican. He got lots of stuff thrown at him, but aside from that nothing major came from it at ringside, or backstage like it has in the past.


- It s said by people close to the situation that it would have been impossible to do a positive DVD on the Ultimate Warrior. Nobody at the time had anything good to say about him, nor could they find anyone would did. A lot of the guys who were asked to be part of the DVD didn t want to, because they didn t want to bury someone, but at the same time had absolutely nothing good to say.