Jericho At It Again With TNA Photos, HBK, Spike Dudley, More

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Chris Jericho is at it again with TNA imagery on his website. According to an interview with Between the Ropes, Jericho said about the first time with the TNA logo, When asked about the picture that appeared on his website displaying the TNA logo, Chris Jericho explained it to be a practical joke on his behalf. Jericho stated that while looking at message boards, he saw a lot of fans speaking as though they knew everything about him. Jericho put over the dedication and support of internet fans, but stated that he called his webmaster and told him to put the photo up as a joke so that he could watch the "s–tstorm" unfold. Jericho stated that within hours, he was receiving calls from high ranking officials within both TNA and WWE. Jericho has been stern that he would only return to the WWE when he did return to wrestling, but is also enjoying his time off. He did say "Never say Never' about TNA but also said he kept his loyalty to Vince McMahon. has updates on Benoit (not likely), Jericho (not happening), & Christian (confirmed/already signed) to TNA. Despite the photos of Genesis and TNA on Chris Jericho's official website,, there are absolutely no plans of him coming to TNA. Chris has always liked to get the internet worked up and figures since TNA announced a 'Major Acquisition' and so many people have speculated on message boards that he is coming to TNA, he has added the photos in hopes of fooling a bunch of people. It is absolutely 110% confirmed that TNA's acquisition is Christian. That's all there is to it, nothing more, nothing less, plain and simple. Hopefully this is good enough to quiet some people.

Matt 'Spike Dudley' Hyson's webmaster sent word that he has opened a new website located at

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