Joey Styles Set To Call RAW, Inside Update On Christian, More


- Joey Styles is slated to be working commentary for RAW over the next two weeks. His long-term status is still uncertain at this point. WWE appears to be interested in bringing Styles in full-time. Styles, however, has an excellent career outside of Sports Entertainment, and has stated that Vince McMahon would have to make a strong offer to entice him to sign.


- We had previously reported here on the site, that within the last few months, Christian was at a high state of frustration with his push, especially after the move to SmackDown. Many feel that Christian did exactly what WWE management asks of it's talent, and that is to get themseleves over with the fans, rather then waiting for the creative team or Vince McMahon to give them the ball. Even though Christian did this, it almost worked against him since he got over without it being a part of the creative team's plans for his character, and thus the push was stoped seeing how creative couldn't take the credit for the push, nor could they find a way to deal with the explosion in his popularity with the fans. The final injustice to Christian came when his contract expired. He was offered a new contract, but it was a huge paycut. His last WWE contract paid a downside guarantee around $200,000, but by staying healthy and working a full-time schedule, he would of earned around 400,000 last year. When his contract was up, the new offer was said to be a "low ball, take it or leave it" offer, and that offer was roughly half of what his previous contract was. Although this was a disapointment, the other problem that stood out was the fact that there were still no signs he would have any chance of reaching the upper card level on Smackdown, and thus he decided to walk away. Right now Christian's future in wrestling is unclear. If he does end up negotiating with TNA, he would probably be offered something along the lines of $2,000 per week, which is about what Matt Hardy was offered. The bonuses of the TNA contract are that he would only have to work four events per month rather than 12-15, and Christian also happens to reside in Florida, which would obviously reduce his travel schedule dramatically. Although Christian has left the WWE on good terms, if he were to sign with TNA, many say that Vince McMahon and co. could see it as a sign of betrayal, which could hurt his chances of a WWE return down the road. (PWTorch)