Joey Styles To Announce Taboo Tuesday Tonight


Earlier today, former ECW announcer Joey Styles was spotted backstage at Taboo Tuesday. Why are you here and who invited you?
Joey Styles: I was invited by Kevin Dunn (Executive Vice President of WWE Television Production). Because Jonathan Coachman will be getting his head kicked in during his match tonight, there was an opening at the announce table, so I was brought in for the night to do play-by-play. Being a huge Internet wrestling fan, I couldn t think of anything that would be more fun than Taboo Tuesday the interactive pay-per-view. I think it s a great idea to have fans pick the stipulations for the matches. I m a little surprised the fans didn t get to choose an announcer for Taboo Tuesday, but I like to think that if fans did get to choose, they would have chosen me.

Advertisement What do you think lead WWE to calling you?
Styles: I m sure the decision to call me was made a few seconds after WWE s original choice realized he didn t know enough about professional wrestling to fill the shoes of Jim Ross, even for one night. At this point, do you know if this is another one night stand for you? Or is this a permanent move for you into the RAW announce booth?
Styles: As far as I know, this is another one night stand, which is funny because I was never the most successful single person in the world. The only pickup line that ever worked for me was Will you marry me? So I ve now had two one night stands in one calendar year, which is probably more than I had in my entire single life.

Advertisement At this point, has WWE told you anything about your future past Taboo Tuesday?
Styles: First of all, I want to say that I think Jim Ross was the greatest play-by-play man there has ever been in professional wrestling. I don t think anybody could fill his shoes, his hat or his headset. But I d like to think if somebody can, it would be me. It would be an honor. As far as I know, though, I was brought in for one evening because Coach cannot wrestle and do play-by-play at the same time, and some would argue that he can t do either. So I m just here for the one night. I ll be doing play-by-play tonight. Then I ll be on a plane, going back to my anonymous career in advertising sales in Atlanta. While I m here, though, I ll be sure to check out catering. The cheese plate was exquisite in New York at One Night Stand. I can t wait to see what it looks like here in California. What will it be like working with Jerry Lawler?
Styles: I have not seen The King since ECW Hardcore Heaven when he battled Tommy Dreamer. I ve never had the opportunity to work with him in the broadcast booth. I m looking forward to it because he s a lot of fun. If you had to pick a broadcast partner, who would be your dream color man?
Styles: I would rather slide over and do color and sit beside Jim Ross. He s the best there s ever been. Seniority means something in this business and I would be honored to sit next to good ol Jim Ross.

Advertisement Do you have any thoughts on the way that J.R. was let go?
Styles: I think it took great restraint on his part not to take a swing at the McMahons. I ve got somewhat of an undeserved reputation of being a loose cannon, which is usually reserved for wrestlers. I ve been put in some compromising positions. I ve probably been beat up and bounced around as much as any other play-by-play man, but to take that much abuse by three members of that family after everything that has happened to him over the years, I m surprised he didn t say to hell with my job and start swinging. What have you been up to since One Night Stand?
Styles: About a year-and-a-half ago, I moved from my hometown in Stamford, Conn., coincidentally enough, and took a job with an advertising agency in Atlanta. Most people don t realize that ECW wasn t a full-time job for me. It looks like it is because you re on TV once a week, but a lot of it was post-produced out of a studio in New York. So I always had a full-time job in advertising sales. When ECW ceased operations and I was unable to come to terms with WWE, I went back to my career.

So basically, I m under contract now to WWE as the ECW announcer and I m available at the company s convenience. When they need me, they take the hammer and break the glass box that says in case of an emergency, and you need an announcer, break glass.