Joey Styles-WWE Update, New Age Outlaws, TNA, & More

– Billy Gunn (Kip James) and Road Dogg (BG James) recently reunited at a USA Pro Wrestling show and won in a 3-way tag match. Suprisingly, Tommy Dreamer was also wrestling at the show, he went up against Steve Corino.

– TNA announced today that they will be holding their third annual year-end awards. Voting will be opened for fans in the days after their big Turning Point PPV on December 11. This will be their second-annual Turning Point PPV, which is something that many thought the company would never reach at one point.

– The upcoming RAW vs. SmackDown video game has been getting good reviews all over the internet recently.

– The Chicago Sun is reporting that we can expect to see Joey Styles signing a a full-time deal with WWE in the very near future.

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