Joy Giovanni & Amy Weber In Upcoming Movies

Thanks to Scott Sandry for sending this in:

Joy Giovanni will be in Hollywood Backlots for a 2007 release:
Plot Outline; What does a small time Chicago-based casting director, a bank exec and a burned out ex-model have in common? They all have dreams of Hollywood stardom. Indie filmmakers Alex Matthews and John Robinson want to carve a niche for themselves in LA, while Hollywood "has-been", ex-supermodel Rebecca Barrington has dreams of restarting her failed acting career. Can this rag tag trio gain their dreams while keeping their integrity intact? And if so for how long? And why exactly do zombies bleed black blood? Find out in Hollywood Backlots.

Amy Weber has 2 upcoming films:
1st Portrait of Eve
Plot Outline; Van, an artist lost in grief after the death of Eve, his wife, finds his connection to reality wavers while he deals with guilt and loss.

2nd Diablita
Plot Outline; A screenwriter's concept goes south during a surreal development meeting as two fast-talking studio executives proceed to turn his script concept into a T&A laden, gun fest driven, car chase between two hot & sexy females, in order to conform to a Hollywood style commercial marketing strategy.