Kane Update, TNA Stars Sign With WWE, Hardy Bashes Net, More

Source: PWInsider.com

- For those of us who use CBSSportsline for our Fantasy Football or other sports information needs, you may have seen a banner for WWE's Taboo Tuesday recently. It seems WWE is expanding their advertising to some mainstream internet sites.


- There is an article in the Edmonton Sun featuring Glen Jacobs discussing his long-running Kane character.

- Speaking of Kane, it is feared that he has a broken vertebrae and may not be able to work Taboo Tuesday. There were plans for OVW star Jack Bull to be called up to work with Kane in the next few weeks but that has been postponed.

- Mikey Batts has signed a WWE developmental deal and is working with the Deep South guys.

- Matt Hardy recently told the The Miami Herald: 'I think Taboo Tuesday is a great concept,' said Hardy. "They did it last year, and I'm glad they stuck with it again this year. Once again I think it's using the Internet as a tool. If you look at the people on the Internet, don't get me wrong, I like the Internet fans because they are very passionate, but they are also very hypocritical. As soon as they say they want something and whenever they get it, they say, `Well, we really didn't want that because of so and so.' A lot of the people in the Internet wrestling community, the diehard wrestling fans, will be the first to do that. It's hard to make them happy, but by giving them access to voting and letting them feel like they actually feel like they are apart of that."