Kennedy No-Shows, RAW Tonight, Survivor Series, More

Cody sent this one: announced about a mouth ago that Ken Kennedy would be signing autographs at the Downtown McDonalds in Indianapoils, Indiana from 11:45-12:45. Well, I was there from probably 10:30-1:00, and he did not show up to the autograph signings. There was a lot of mad fans there. Everyone just ended up leaving. Later I called the McDonalds, and they said he never showed.

Mark sent this one: There was just a survivor series commercial on Time Warner Cable in Rochester, NY advertising Survivor Series it listed the following as the card: Return of Undertaker, John Cena vs. Kurt Angle WWE Title, Batista vs. Eddie Gurrerro World Title, Team Raw (lead by Shawn Michaels) vs. Team Smackdown (lead by JBL), Ric Flair vs. Triple H, Eric Biscoff vs. Teddy Long Thought there would be some interest in knowing. Have a good day

Tonight is a big night for TV as RAW airs live on USA from 9-11EST. Spike TV will be airing the replay of The Ultimate Fighter finale from this past Saturday night from 10-1EST. Spike TV will also replay the TNA primetime special from 1-3EST after The Ultimate Fighter. Both of the replays on Spike TV are worth going out of your way see to see, even if it means switching RAW over from time to time.

There is some fear that tonight's Colts-Pats game will hurt the RAW and UFC ratings.