Major Backstage Details On The Christian-WWE Situation

– reports that Christian has been miserable in WWE for quite a while, and it only got worse when he was moved to the SmackDown roster.

His quitting is not a work or storyline, however knowing WWE s recent booking style, it could be turned into a storyline later on. As previously noted, he did not sign the new contract that WWE offered him. Christian felt that WWE should have offered him more money for what he s been putting up with, and has told friends he will give WWE a chance write him out of storylines.


Christian has also told friends that he had a big run and saved his money, and is in a position where he can afford to quit the company. It s somewhat like the what happened with Chris Jericho, who has almost completely separated himself from pro wrestling.

Something interesting to note is that Christian lives in Florida, which is where TNA tapes all their shows and runs their PPVs. This would allow for a situation similar to Scott Hall or Kevin Nash s, where he can take the quick drive up to Orlando once or twice a week to wrestle, then go back home to be with his family.