Major News & Preview For RAW Tonight

When RAW ended last week, John Cena was grasping his ankle in excruciating pain. He had just lost a controversial decision to Kurt Angle with General Manger Eric Bischoff inserting himself as referee. Just when it seemed things couldn t get much worse, Bischoff announced in a Unlimited exclusive that Cena would have to face Shawn Michaels on the next Monday Night RAW regardless of his condition.


So, this week on RAW, HBK will get another crucial chance to make his Taboo Tuesday case before the voting public. The Showstopper won last week s Triple Threat Match against Kane and Big Show, the other two potential Taboo Tuesday main-eventers. Now, Michaels will get to impress against the WWE Champion himself. Will Michaels be able to take advantage of Cena s potentially weakened state, or will it be an FU to HBK?

On consecutive broadcasts, RAW Superstars invaded SmackDown and then Friday Night s Superstars returned the favor. Will there be more inter-brand confrontations leading up to the SmackDown selection match at Taboo Tuesday?

Also, Ric Flair and Triple H seem unwilling to wait until Nov. 1 to settle their differences. Will they tangle again on RAW this week?


And Eric Bischoff is sure to feature Superstars and matches relevant to the ongoing Taboo Tuesday voting. What will the GM do, and how will you cast you votes?

Be sure to cast your votes now, and tune in to RAW (9/8 CT; USA Network) for all this and much more.