McMahon/Christian Heat, DDP Update, RAW vs. SD News

– According to those close to the situation, one of the key things that pissed off Christian in WWE right before he left is when Vince McMahon refused to offer Christian an upgrade on his plane seats because he was "just a mid-carder", and doing that would "set a dangerous precedent."

– Thanks to Adam Lebow for sending this in: Just wanted to let you know that I was watching ESPN Sportscenter, and there were advertisments during the commercial break for the new WWE Raw vs Smackdown game. Looks as if WWE is advertising the game everywhere, as I saw advertisments on the Fox telecasts of the NFL this past weekend as well.

– DDP will be starring in a film by Image Entetainment called Driftwood. It s described as a thriller set in a camp for troubled teens. DDP will be playing the main villain in the film which is currently in post-production and set for a 2006 release date.