More News On Christian/WWE, & Will He Go To TNA

The PWTorch Newsletter reports that friends of Christian are saying he feels that WWE management ignored him because they couldn t take credit for his popularity. It s said that he got himself over with fans, rather than moping around and expecting Vince or the writers to make him a star.


It s unknown whether he will take time off, or immediately work with TNA. If he does go to TNA, he will likely be getting paid somewhere in the $2,000/week range, if not higher. He would only have to work four events every month, and since he lives in the same state that TNA films their shows, he wouldn t have to endure a travel schedule like WWE s. This would be a huge cut from WWE s 12-15 events per month.

When Matt Hardy was first offered a TNA deal, they had not yet secured their Spike TV slot. However now that the company is steady on Spike, combined with the comparatively low workload to WWE, there s definitely some that are very confident Christian will be joining the company.