More News On Guerrero's Funeral, European Tour

Partial Source: The Torch

JBL was on MSNC this afternoon and noted that Eddie was found holding a toothbrush and noted that he likely 'died instantly'. He noted that to the 'Best of his knowledge" Eddie has been clean for over 4 years. He said Eddie made his career and ended the interview with "Thank you, it is an honor to talk about my friend, Eddie Guerrero." For those unaware, Guerrero was a groomsman for JBL at his wedding

Eddie Guerrero's funeral will be held in Phoenix, Ariz. later this week. Some reports say Wednesday while says Funeral arrangements are set for Thursday. Billy Graham will do the services.

There are a number of wrestlers that did not leave today for the European tour (Benoit, Malenko, Mysterio, Batista). They will join the tour after the funeral services are held later this week.