More On Austin-WWE, Torrie Wilson's Release, Viscera Injury

Steve Austin was notified on Saturday that Jim Ross wouldn't be returning. He was also informed that he would be losing to The Coach with interference by Mark Henry. Austin reportably became irate and told WWE that he wouldn't be at RAW as well as Taboo Tuesday unless plans changed. Obviously Vince didn't budge and we are at a stand still. Vince noted that Austin 'may have been involved in an accident over the weekend' which of course was just a way to explain the storyline change. This has been a very interesting 48 hours, both backstage within WWE and for fans. We'll keep you posted but Austin and WWE are on bad terms yet again.


Torrie Wilson was notified prior to RAW yesterday that she was being let go. Ever since Billy Kidman was released it had been rumored that Torrie would be going as well. She recently worked the Australian tour so it appears something happened early this week. Wilson's bio is still on

Despite confirming that Christian was leaving the company, he still appeared on RAW last night with no explanation. The feeling is that the announcement was supposed to be held off until after Taboo Tuesday but was leaked by the webteam early. Christian will be leaving WWE following Taboo Tuesday tonight. He is leaving on fairly good terms with management.

Adam Lebow sent this: On WWE Unlimited tonight, ater the HHH promo, WWE went to showing Viscera being helped to the back with help from the referees, however they adbruptly cut to highlights from the match and a Wrestlemania Anthology Commercial when the referees called for a doctor from the back. Viscera fell over twice and was holding the forhead area around his eyes.


WWE will hold a pre-PPV Heat show tonight on at 7:30EST.