More Ratings News, Recap Of Eddie/MSNBC Show, Chavo

Kerwin White has been removed from the RAW superstars page and Chavo is back.

The Eddie Guerrero tribute edition of Raw scored a 4.5 rating. The show did hours of 4.6 and 4.4.

AM RAW did a 0.6 cable rating.

Wes Jones sent this recap of the Eddie special on MSNBC: Here is a recap of the Eddie Guerrero portion of tonight s Live and Direct with Rita Cosby. Cosby states she had the honor of meeting and speaking with Eddie Guerrero prior to a WWE event. First segment began with a video package from reporter Lisa Daniels. Daniels stated that Guerrero was loved by millions of fans especially among the Latino community and was the first Hispanic heavyweight champion. They showed a couple of clips from last night s raw showing many of the WWE performers and fans in tears. They aired comments from Ron Meir of the Corner s office who stated there are no signs of suspicion or foul play. Piece said Eddie s wife Vickie believes Eddie s heart ailment was due to hard training, hard living and drug and alcohol abuse. Video segment mentioned Gori Guerrero was Eddie s father and Eddie grew up in the wrestling business and while most kids were in a swimming pool or park, Eddie was wrestling in the family s regulation backyard wrestling ring. Daniels mentioned Guerrero received a wrestling scholarship from The University of New Mexico but decided to turn pro in 1987. In a piece of bad journalism they showed clips of Eddie s last match against Bob Holly from what the reporter stated was WWE Shakedown (should have been WWE Smackdown!). Cosby then introduced Vince McMahon. Vince said this is always difficult especially considering Eddie meant so much to so many people. Vince praised all of the performers for going out and putting together a tribute show for Eddie under the circumstances and put over the WWE s family atmosphere. Cosby mentioned Eddie s problems outside of the ring, but that he was four years sober. Vince said Eddie was proud of many things, his heritage, family and overcoming the obstacles that faced him in his life. Vince stated that Eddie had just purchased a home in Phoenix to move his family in to start over a new life. Cosby asked how Vince was informed of Eddie s passing. Vince said he was in his car driving to the arena the morning of the show in Minneapolis. Vince said you are never prepared for news such as this, but he was certainly in shock, especially considering how Eddie had turned his life around and how his life was on such a positive roll. Cosby stated over 50,000 have been sent regarding Eddie s passing and actually showed and read one from Cosby asked how Eddie connected with the WWE audience. Vince stated it was in a variety of ways. Vince said Eddie s style and demeanor were unique. Cosby read some statements from Vickie from Vickie s website. Cosby stated Vickie believes the constant intense workout regiment Eddie had lead to the deterioration of the vessels in his heart. Cosby asked Vince what he believed lead to his passing at such a young age. Vince said he was certainly not a doctor but believes it was a combination of factors including Eddie s hard life due to drugs and alcohol, the travel, the in ring punishment and possibly the genetic make up of his family (Vince did say he did not believe heart aliments were common in the Guerrero family but did not know for sure). Vince praised Eddie for his gifted athletic ability and desire to give a great performance for the fans. Vince said Eddie left it all in the ring. The show went to a commercial break and returned with Vince, Chavo Guerrero and JBL. Cosby mentioned that Chavo was the one who discovered that Eddie was dead. Chavo said at first he did not believe it was real, shock did not set in until later when he returned to his hotel room. Chavo said he lost not only his uncle but described how Eddie was the brother he never had as there is only three years difference between the two. Cosby asked about growing up in the business. Chavo stated it was a blessing and a detriment. Their last name opened doors for them but was an awful lot of pressure to live up to as they had to be the best. Cosby turned to JBL who was in the studio and mentioned JBL received a black eye from Chavo at Sunday s show. JBL stated he was Eddie s arch enemy and asked for a match with Chavo and joked the black eye was a gift from his arch rival Eddie. Cosby discussed JBL and Eddie s relationship outside of the ring. JBL stated Eddie was a groomsman at his wedding and they showed a picture. JBL stated Eddie went to management and asked off so he could attend. JBL discussed how when he was going through a divorce with his first wife Eddie was a great friend to him. JBL stated they were in the airport in Calgary and Eddie came up to him and could tell something was wrong. Eddie asked JBL what was wrong and he would not say. Eddie stated he would not leave his side until he told him. JBL mentioned eventually he gave in and the two went to lunch and he told Eddie what he was going through. JBL stated after that Eddie would always check on him and bring scriptures to him. JBL said Eddie did this with many in the locker room. JBL said he would speak at the funeral Thursday but did not know exactly what he would say. JBL said he would discuss what Eddie meant to him and others and stressed he wanted Vickie to know the enormous influence Eddie had on so many. Cosby asked Vince what else he would do to memorialize Eddie. Vince said Friday s Smackdown would be another tribute to Eddie but stated really there is nothing the WWE could do to measure up to the influences Eddie had on the company. Cosby asked Chavo how the family was doing. Chavo said the family is taking it very hard, they are going through ups and downs at the moment. Chavo said the family will rally for Eddie s wife and kids. Chavo said at first Vickie was in complete denial. Chavo said John Lauranitis was the one who contacted Vickie to inform her of Eddie s passing. Cosby asked each for their memories of Eddie. JBL said Eddie worked so hard to overcome his demons and his number one goal was to get his family back and he accomplished it. JBL said he would always remember Eddie s smile and mischievous grin. Vince said he would remember Eddie s personality and all of his positive influences. Chavo stated he would remember Eddie s heart and stated Eddie always looked out for and new he had his back. Overall it was a nice reflection on Eddie, in particular as a person and everyone came across well, in particular JBL.