News & Notes From RAW Tonight

Thanks to Adam Lebow for sending in the following:

– TSN in Canada ran advertisements tonight for tomorrow night s Smackdown special, although they all had the UPN and not the TSN logo on it. A look at the TSN sight makes no mention of the show, including in the schedule. I have a feeling that TSN just didn't cut away to TSN commercials when they aired on Raw (perhaps WWE just ran the advertisement during its allotted time for Raw and not during the ad time it no longer has)

– Being that TSN, unlike Sky Sports, picks up the feed from the USA Network and not directly from the WWE, TSN experienced all of the technical glitches that USA network had tonight.

– The 3rd Raw Replay, which constantly keeps changing its time slot, of tonight s Raw, will air on Tuesday (tommorow) at 3:30 pm ET.

– Although TSN did not sensor Maria getting Angle Slammed when it occurred live, they did censor the three replays of it with crowd shows, but kept the audio feed. They cut back quickly and didn t miss much aside from that one Angle Slam.

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