Notes: Hardy/Ashley, Boogeyman, Orton's Traveling Buddy, More

Partial Sources: Observer,

When on the road in between WWE shows, Juventud Guerrera travels with "Cowboy" Bob Orton of all people.

A profile on The Boogeyman has been added to Boogeyman's section has an interesting bio on his background, not to mention that there are some photos and videos from his first few WWE appearances.

Matt Hardy and Ashley Massaro were on Byte This last week. The video is archived on They officially confirmed that they were an item. Todd asked her who she was dating and she replied by saying that it was a person in the studio. Grisham teases that it was himself, but Ashley just comes out and says it is Matt Hardy. Grisham asks how it all started and Ashley said they started traveling together and just hit it off. Now that they are on seperate brands, they don't see other as much, but they try to work around it. She says it's been okay so far.

An auction for Ashley's "Dark Angel" Halloween costume closed yesterday. The bidding ended at $605.00.

Scott Steiner has been quiet for the most part since leaving WWE last year, however, he will be on the Get In The Ring radio show tonight from 7 to 8. Visit the at that time for the interview. Scott Steiner always says what's on his mind. Steiner recently taped shoot interviews with Highspots and RF Video. He claims that he has never used steroids or HGH. Rick Steiner is currently running for a spot on his local school board down in Georgia.