RAW News: Candice Wardrobe Malfunction, Mistakes, Vince, Carlito, Edge

WWE ran their Unlimited program again on WWE.com last night. They showed exclusive clips and matches between commercial breaks including a segment where they showed fans with signs, an interview with Rosey before his match with Hurricane where he said he was going to take his size 15 boot and shove it where the sun doesn't shine, and a segment where Ashley and Maria came out and stripped Todd Grishum down and auctioned off his pants. Maria did her usual dumb stuff. This is definitely straight up Vince McMahon's alley and likely had him giggling over himself backstage. They also did a Rob Conway backstage interview with Maria. If any of you have ever watched this, it's just purely to make Vince McMahon laugh. It's so dumb it's hardly funny. You'll need to check out the videos tomorrow on WWE.com for proof. The King did a very short interview with Triple H before the Ric Flair-Rob Conway match which was actually the only thing that made sense. He said he was out there for one reason and that was because he was going to finish what he started. An interview with Eric Bischoff was also shown where he said he would be pressing the mute button to bleep out the 'You Suck' chants. Again, Todd was shown with his pants down backstage. They rib this poor guy too much.


The decision was made to send Edge to SmackDown! this week to do a street fight so he can do an 'injury' angle during the match with Batista. He will need surgery on his torn pec. No word on how long he will be out. Storyline wise, it doesn't make any sense to send Edge to SmackDown! as they never gave an actual reason for doing so.

WWE has no plans to bring back the Carlito's Cabana segment.

It's interesting to note that there was no mention of Coach's new group with Vader and Goldust.

Joey Styles is expected to call RAW next week as well unless something changed at RAW yesterday.

The talk tomorrow will obviously be focused on how the announcers couldn't get the date for Survivor Series correct. Jerry Lawler and The Coach went back and forth several times debating on whether the PPV was on the 21st or 27th. This comes from the guys in the Gorilla position, aka Vince McMahon. It really shows the state of the company right now when the boss doesn't even know what the date of one of his 'big four' PPV's is.


WWE.com has posted a video of a new GoDaddy.com commercial with Candice Michelle where she is dressed in some booty shorts and a bikini and strips down while washing a car. It's worth checking out. Speaking of Candice, how about that outfit on RAW last night? For those who missed it, her pants had trouble staying on leaving, well, nothing.