RAW Spoilers Will Be Posted Today, More WWE News & Notes

- RAW is being taped in the U.K today. With a time difference of nearly 5 hours, there is no way that RAW could air live. They will be taping at about 3EST, 7pm (UK time). We will have FULL SPOILERS on the site about an hour before RAW. If you want to know what happens, then check back just prior to RAW tonight.

- WWE.com, in conjunction with The Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences, ranks the Top 25 Superstars in wrestling each week with POWER 25. In this week's poll, the late Eddy Guerrero moved up from number eight to number one. John Cena fell to number two.

- Former WWE referee Earl Hebner was also at the Fan Slam convention over the weekend. He and his brother Dave have started work on a tell-all book about their 17 plus years working for the McMahon family.

- An April 2006 U.K. tour has been announced with house shows in Cardiff, Belfast, Newcastle, Birmingham and Nottingham. TV tapings will take place in London for the first time ever.

- While in the UK, John Cena was crowned European Superstar Challenge Champion. John Cena and Chris Masters faced off in the squared-circle in the most electrifying match of the day. With the title only a single victory away, the competition reached a crescendo as the Superstars traded virtual earth shaking blows and bone-crunching slams. Sensing victory was within his grasp Cena delivered a devastating FU, pinning Masters for the three count, and in doing so claimed the THQ European Superstar Challenge title.