Saturday Afternoon Update: RAW Tapings, Cole/Tazz Update, Hogan, More

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The RAW and SmackDown! stars will be in Minneapolis, MN tomorrow night (Sunday) to tape both RAW and SmackDown!. RAW will be a taped show this week for those who haven't heard. Following the tapings tomorrow night, the RAW and SmackDown! crews will head out early Monday for Europe. The first show will be on Tuesday and they will run all week until the following Tuesday. RAW and SmackDown! will be taped from Sheffield, England in two weeks. The guys/girls will come home on the 23rd to spend time with their families for the holidays and then do the Survivor Series PPV.

We will have both TNA Genesis PPV coverage and RAW/SmackDown! tapings coverage tomorrow night so it'll be very busy around here.

Smackdown this week did a 2.7 fast national rating, with a 5 share. This is not the final number.

Hulk Hogan is filming a movie called "Little Hercules in 3D". The Big Show also plays a part in one of the scenes.

WWE Heat and Velocity for this week have been added to

According to sources, the run-in that Michael Cole and Tazz did this past week on Byte This was not scheduled or planned. Host Todd Grishum apparently had no idea the duo was going to come in and crash the show and didn't really know how to react to it. Since the angle wasn't planned and wasn't going to be used for future storylines, the archive of the show was edited. It was a pretty crazy scene since none of it was scripted and was truly how the two felt about the SmackDown! show being referred to as a "B" show. Cole and Tazz were in the WWE studios to do voiceovers for Smackdown!.