**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Tapings (Next 2 Weeks Worth)

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Dark Match:

*Chris Sabin pinned the debuting Shannon Moore.

*They announced Christopher Daniels suffered a "Grade-3 concussion" due to the
attack by Samoa Joe on the Genesis PPV. They announced the barbed wire match for
the PPV.


Impact – Airing 11/19

*Samoa Joe defeated Jerelle Clark. After the match, AJ Styles appeared on the
video screen, discussing that Joe went over the line of the X-Division's "code
of respect." He challenged Joe to face him at Turning Point.

*Don West and Mike Tenay discussed the barbed wire match and who would be the
number one contender for the NWA title at Turning Point and challenge Jeff
Jarrett. Jarrett came out and demanded to know who he would be facing at the

*NWA Tag Team champions America's Most Wanted defeated Sonny Siaki & Apolo.
After the match, they brought a table into the ring and spraypainted 3-D on it.
They were going to put someone through it with the Death Sentence but Team 3-D
hit the ring and AMW retreated. Brother Ray said that if they want to know about
Tables Matches, they can have a Tables Match for the NWA Tag straps at Turning


*Backstage, Shane Douglas found NWA champion Jeff Jarrett and Gail Kim at the
door to Larry Zbyszko's office. They didn't get their answer.

*Shane Douglas interviewed 3 Live Kru. BG James said that he had an announcement
"next week" regarding 3LK and wouldn't tell Konnan and Ron Killings what it was.

*Rhino pinned Abyss, hitting the gore after Sabu came out with the chair wrapped
in barbed wire.

*Backstage, Larry Zbyszko is with Jeff Jarrett and they announce Rhino will be
facing Jarrett for the title at the Turning Point PPV.

*Christian Cage came to the ring for his Impact debut and cut a promo. He said a
lot of similar shoot comments towards PPV that he made at the Genesis PPV. Monty
Brown came to the ring and said that Cage hasn't proven a thing in TNA. Brown
tried to say that Christian was going to get the Pounce, but Christian cut him
off on the mic. Christian said that Brown was afraid to lose his spot to Cage.
Christian did the "Pounce" line. Brown attacked Christian and hit the Pounce.

Impact – 11/26:

*3 Live Kru and Kip James came to the ring. Killings and Konnan were upset about
BG James always defending Kip James. BG wanted them to give Kip their blessing
to be part of the Kru. Killings said yes and Konnan eventually said yes. They're
now the 4 Live Kru.


*TNA X-Division champion AJ Styles defeated Chris Sabin in a good match.

*Backstage, Shane Douglas was with Larry Zbyszko. Raven was in a car about to
leave and Zbyszko offered him his release again. Raven refused and Zbyszko said
that if that was the case, next week on Impact would be a "House of Fun" match.

*Monty Brown pinned Evil Helvis in seconds after the Pounce.

*Shane Douglas interviewed Christian Cage about getting Pounced last week. Cage
challenged for a match against Monty Brown at Turning Point. Gail Kim came out
and said that it was great that Christian was in TNA but he made the wrong
decision at the PPV. America's Most Wanted showed up and told Cage he'll never
get near the NWA title.

*Jeff Hardy pinned Abyss with the Twist of Fate. The lights went out and when
they came back on Sabu was there with the barbed wire chair and a spike, setting
up the finish.

*NWA champion Jeff Jarrett pinned Kip James with the Stroke after Bobby Rude hit
James with a hockey stick. During the match, Jackie Gayda debuted, slapping
Jarrett and got into it with Gail Kim. After the bout, BG James came out,
leading to 4 Live Kru and Team Canada hitting the ring. Christian Cage hit the
ring and hit the Unprettier on Petey Williams.


Xplosion matches taped:

*Matt Bentley & Shark Boy defeated the Beasts of Burden.

*The Naturals & Lance Hoyt defeated The Diamonds in the Rough.

TNA Turning Point PPV lineup on 12/11:

*NWA champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Rhino

*TNA X-Division champion AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

*Sabu vs. Abyss – Barbed Wire Match

*NWA Tag Team champions America's Most Wanted vs. Team 3-D – Tables Match

*Christian Cage vs. Monty Brown

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