**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown! Taping Results

Thanks to PWTorch.com for the following:

After a quick set change, they moved Eddie's car to the aisle. It was confirmed that Tazz and Michael Cole were doing commentary for the show.

Batista came out, and said he didn't know if he should be the one to out there at this time. He said, "He'd hate to see me out here crying like a baby. There's two things I know: He loved his family and he loved this business. He found peace in this ring. My one comfort is knowing Eddie is now at peace. He is with God. I miss you, I love you, I will make sure no one ever forgets you."

(1) Matt Hardy defeated Carlito Cool. Hardy won the match with a Twist of Fate. After the match, Hardy hung around Eddie's car for a bit. He did not get as emotional as some of the other wrestlers on this night, though.

Vince McMahon then came out to say some words. He said Eddie loved to perform, and then gave one of his trademark big gulps. He said there was one thing Eddie loved more than wrestling and that was his family. Vince talked about how everyone, all the wrestlers and production people and everything, were his family. He concluded by saying, "Eddie was a good man. A damn good man."

(2) LOD defeated Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch. After the match, Big Show gave a speech about Eddie. He said, "My only comfort with losing a friend is knowing that all the pain is gone. He is with God. Now he is safe. I love you, bro." Show broke down during the course of his speech.

(3) Chavo Guerrero defeated JBL. Late in the match, Chavo threw a chair to JBL and took a ghost bump. The referee turned around to find the chair in JBL's hands, and admonished him for it. This got a huge pop from the crowd, who chanted "Eddie!" Chavo hit the three amigos suplexes and the frogsplash to get the victory.

After the match, Chavo thanked the fans. He said Eddie gave his life for the business, for the fans, and for the boys in the back. He said, "I know you all will miss Eddie Guerrero."

(4) Juvi won a cruiserweight battle royal. The competitors included Tajiri, Shane Helms, Paul London, Kid Kash, Brian Kendrick, Scotty 2 Hotty, Nunzio, Funaki, Psicosis, Super Crazy and Juvi. It came down to London and Juvi. London was on Juvi's shoulders, and then both went over the top rope. London hit the floor first, and Juvi managed to keep himself on the ring apron.

(5) Chris Benoit defeated Triple H in about 13 minutes. Benoit finished things off with the top rope headbutt, locked in the crossface, and then managed to leverage Hunter into a pinning combination from the crossface to get the victory. After the match, they hugged and shook hands. Dean Malenko came out, and while he did not say anything, he celebrated with Benoit and held his arm up in victory.

Afterward, Benoit said, "Eddie was a man who walked through every possible valley you can imagine. Eddie was a true inspiration to every life he touched. We'll always love you and miss you." The crowd didn't leave until Benoit's speech was over, as they were very interested in what he was saying.