Tatanka & 1 Diva Sign WWE Deals, SmackDown! Special, More News

Partial Source: PWInsider.com

UPN representatives have been promoting an Eddie Guerrero show. UPN is listing a one hour special listed as "The Smackdown Special" for November 29th. We'll have to wait and see because nobody has 'officially' confirmed this.

Tatanka is telling friends that he has signed a WWE deal and is in much better shape than before.

Female wrestler Beth Carolan has signed a WWE developmental deal. A story can be found at star-gazette.com.

Last night's edition of Smackdown did a 3.1 fast rating. Final numbers will be out Monday.

Our good friends at WrestleMag.com sent this in: Seventeen "wannabe's" had their tryout's with WWE this past Thursday afternoon at the MEN Arena in Manchester, England prior to WWE's RAW brand house show. The trials lasted just under two hours and were cut shorter than was initially planned due to schedules and WWE officials running late. Alongside Kurt Angle and Shelton Benjamin were agents Ricky Steamboat and Fit Finlay, who assessed the group both in the ring and in front of the camera. Nobody was offered a deal on the spot, but everything was recorded, with talent told that the material would be assessed when WWE returned to the United States following Tuesday's Smackdown! TV tapings in Sheffield. Of the seventeen, several were said to have been in well over their heads, with just a small handful of the group said to have shown enough potential to merit a developmental contract. Those names include female wrestler Nikita, Eric Schwarz and Chris "Bambikiller" Raaber. Nikita has primarily worked in the UK with the FWA promotion, while Schwarz and Raaber have plied their trade throughout Europe for a number of years.