The Absolute Latest On Torrie Wilson, Christian, & 1 Other Release

World Wrestling Entertainment issued a statement yesterday noting that the reports that hit the internet on Monday regarding Torrie Wilson being released from the company were completely false. Although there was no official statement about her situation with the company posted on, there were a number of people within WWE close to Wilson that believed she was done with the company at the time. Wilson had worked RAW's recent tour of Australia this past week, but then flew herself home unexpectedly citing an issue with a family member. Many within the company thought Wilson caught heat for blowing off the tour, RAW and then Taboo Tuesday last night, so given the current climate, it wasn't wrong to think she could have been done with WWE. To further these reports at the time, Wilson's name was removed from the Halloween Costume Contest segment involving WWE Divas on the RAW brand and her name was also pulled from the Fullfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal at Taboo Tuesday as well. To make matters even more interesting, her bio on the RAW Superstars page was pulled for some time and then later re-added. Right before the Taboo Tuesday PPV last night, issued another statement with comments from Wilson that can be read here. There were some that felt WWE might have changed their stance on Wilson in an attempt to make the "Internet look bad" when reports surfaced late Monday night about her status with the company. However, reports as of this afternoon state the WWE had no intentions of doing that in the first place and that people were quick to judge some actions the company website took for both RAW and Taboo Tuesday.


Sources report that Christian's last contract was worth a $200,000/year downside guaranteed salary; with bonuses and card payoffs included, he made roughly $400,000 last year. The new offer he received from WWE was obviously not enough to account for the disillusionment Christian had been facing with the product. It is not known if TNA has reached out to Christian, nor is it known if he will be bound to any sort of no-compete clause, however, one would assume that TNA would definitely show some interest in utilizing the talent. Because of its location in Christian's home state of Florida, the lack of monetary incentive could be offset by the convenience of working a limited schedule almost entirely in the state.


As noted last week, referee Brian Hebner was released by WWE. He has had behavior issues in the past although it is currently unknown as to why he was released.

The latest update on Steve Austin and WWE is that his no-showing of RAW and Taboo Tuesday was a combination of an injury he suffered to his back while moving furniture as well as him disagreeing with the storyline plan for Taboo Tuesday. We'll keep you posted.