– Batista is going to try to avoid surgery and rehab his injury as we reported here over the weekend. He’ll miss about 4-6 weeks.

– The Dicks vs. L.O.D that was announced for Smackdown will obviously not take place this week.

– The Rock has been nominated for Best Male Action Star at the People’s Choice Awards.

– Chartattack.com has posted an interview with Chris Jericho. He basically talks music and not a whole lot of wrestling.

– JBL was at a Veterans Day Festival in New York last Friday.

– Edge, Randy Orton & John Cena’s themes played today before the Syracuse vs. South Florida college football game this past weekend.

– Bret Hart will be in Stamford, CT today and will be taking part in WWE.com’s Byte This program. Hart will be live in-studio.

– Ohio Valley Wrestling will be taping a double TV tonight as they will have next week off due to Thanksgiving.

– Kid Kash has been added to the SmackDown! superstars page on wwe.com: https://www.wwe.com/superstars/smackdown/kidkash/