TNA News: Lawsuit, Video Game, Kazarian, Energy Drink, More

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A trademark was filed on 10.06.05 for a Total Nonstop Adrenalin Energy Drink. No word on when that will be released.

TNA has a live trademark on New Age Outlaw.

Frankie Kazarian may be back down the line in TNA, but not right now. He is waiting for his no compete to expire and TNA feels they should focus on others that stayed loyal and didn t leave.

The TNA video game has received a lot of buzz in the video game industry.

There is finally an update in the Dean "Shark Boy" Roll's ongoing trademark infringement lawsuit against the feature film "The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl", which was produced by Miramax Films. Miramax is trying to get the case dismissed as well as have the court cancel the trademark from Roll because, Plaintiff is a male whose services are rendered only when he is wearing a costume depicting "shark-like" attributes." There is a hearing set for that on 1.05.06 in Ohio, as well as discovery hearings set on 12.08.05 and 3.15.06.

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