Tons Of Backstage News & Notes From Survivor Series

For those who missed the Survivor Series PPV last night, Vince McMahon was doing a backstage promo with Eric Bischoff when John Cena walked into the picture. Vince tried to act like he was into hip-hop with the handshakes and said "Good luck tonight, nigga" and then walked off. Booker T then entered and said "Tell me, he just didn't say that."


WWE paired up Tazz and Joey Styles for commentary during the Women's title match at Survivor Series. WWE is testing the announce booth now and there is no real permanent setup. There had actually been talk of moving Cole over to RAW before Styles came in. They also paired Coach and Michael Cole together as a 'test' during the Long vs. Bischoff match. It's interesting to note the 'ugly' jokes on Michael Cole who is known as a 'pretty boy' backstage but is liked by many of his peers.

Joey Styles has not been told by Vince McMahon what to say through the headsets during PPV's and RAW's. The Coach has Vince McMahon in his ear at all times feeding him lines. Vince also feeds Jerry Lawler lines at times but Styles is basically on his own which is what he prefers.


Edge debuted a new show called The Cutting Edge at Survivor Series. It will make its official RAW debut tonight. He cuts right to the point and 'asks the questions nobody else will'. posted the following during their Instant Access during the PPV: We apologize. Kurt Angle is still very upset from his loss. He blew up in our Instant Access room, claiming he was screwed — blaming the fans — blaming biased officiating. He destroyed our Instant Access Room. We hope to have footage of this on as soon as possible. Ah, the mix of shoot and work continues on

Chris Benoit vs. Booker T (match 2 in a best of 7 series) will take place this Tuesday on the LIVE special. UPN will be airing the live special from the tapings in Cincinnati on Tuesday. After the special airs, they will tape two hours of SmackDown!