USA & UPN Networks Issue Statements On Eddie Guerrero

USA & UPN issued the following regarding Guerrero's passing:


WWE was deeply saddened by the loss of Eddie Guerrero, who died Sunday morning in Minneapolis. In response, the entire WWE family gathered on RAW to remember Guerrero. Superstars from both rosters took part in interbrand matches dedicated to their dear, departed friend. Between matches, Eddie's peers paid tribute with video messages. Many cried, all were overwhelmed with emotion. Each cited stories particular to their friendship with Eddie, but all spoke of his inspirational role in their lives, his love for his family and his uncanny ability to summon any emotion and convey it to an appreciative crowd. Eddie was remembered as a consummate in-ring technician and exceptional performer. In the final tribute match, WWE Champion John Cena defeated SmackDown star Randy Orton when Cowboy Bob prevented an FU, causing the disqualification. Randy afterward attempted an RKO, but Cena pushed away and caught Randy with an FU coming off the ropes. The Champ then removed the Guerrero shirt he wore all match long, placed it flat in the center of the ring, then draped it with the WWE Championship belt. (From


All of us at UPN are deeply saddened by the passing of WWE Superstar Eddie Guerrero. An incredible performer, who has been a fan favorite on Smackdown, Eddie will be truly missed, and our thoughts are with his family and friends. (From